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Lord Shiva Sculpture. Limited Edition

Lord Shiva Sculpture. Limited Edition

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Lord Shiva, the Hindu god of meditation and the arts, in a sculpture made in High Porcelain, Lladrós maximum artistic category. A piece that boasts many complex decorative techniques, like golden lustre, and a large amount of handmade flowers made petal by petal. Shiva's attributes are finely defined with a host of details enhancing his majestic character: the trident, the drum, the snake, the bands of Rudraksha and the bun in his hair. The base provides room for the optional piece Lingam (01001981), a symbol used to worship Shiva and to overcome any situation that impedes personal growth.

Lladró is the leader in luxury porcelain since 1953 and have developed proprietary processes that resulted in a wide range of products and styles that is unparalleled in the world of porcelain. The brand still makes every piece in their workshop in Valencia, Spain.


Brand: Lladró

Reference: 01001981

Height (cm): 62

Width (cm): 41

Length (cm): 39

Finish: Gloss and metallic lustre

Limited Edition: 720

Sculptor: Virginia González

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