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Lord Shrinathji Sculpture Limited Edition

Lord Shrinathji Sculpture Limited Edition

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Shrinathji is a manifestation of Krishna, one of India's most venerated deities, incarnated in a seven-year-old boy. Shrinathji is a grace-filled divinity, the balanced abode of contradictions. Exquisitely faithful to traditional iconography, this majestic depiction in porcelain stands out for its sumptuous decoration, and also for the dazzling ornamental wealth of a god who represents pure bliss.

A wide range of finishes were employed in the execution of this imposing sculpture, from the combination of matt and glazed porcelain with enamels to different textures of lustre in gold and metallic tones. The dark skin of the god contrasts with the intense saffron colour of the clothing, richly decorated with an assortment of jewellery and with a splendid garland of white flowers, hand-crafted petal by petal by Lladro artists.

Lladró is the leader in luxury porcelain since 1953 and have developed proprietary processes that resulted in a wide range of products and styles that is unparalleled in the world of porcelain. The brand still makes every piece in their workshop in Valencia, Spain.


Brand: Lladró

Reference: 01002029

Height (cm): 65

Width (cm): 30

Length (cm): 25

Finish: Glossy and Matt Porcelain with Gold and Metallic Lustres

Limited Edition: 499


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