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Om wall light

Om wall light

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Porcelain wall lamp with a decorative design featuring the sacred syllable Om.

Om is the sacred syllable, symbolizing unity with the supreme, the conjunction of the physical and the spiritual. It is an essential mantra in Dharmic religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. This transcendental symbol, the sound from which all others emerge, is represented in golden luster in the center of the wall lamp. It is made in translucent white matte porcelain on which a detailed geometric ornamentation surrounding the syllable Om has also been etched by hand. Thanks to the translucency of porcelain, when the lamp is lit, it gives off a warm glow and brings out the geometric etching on the surface.

Lladró is the leader in luxury porcelain since 1953 and have developed proprietary processes that resulted in a wide range of products and styles that is unparalleled in the world of porcelain. The brand still makes every piece in their workshop in Valencia, Spain.


Brand: Lladró

Reference: 01024360

Height (cm): 40

Width (cm): 40

Length (cm): 9

Sculptor: Virginia González

Finish: Matte and gold lustre

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