Belle De Nuit - Intersecting Modern Contemporary and Classical Elegance

Bell de Nuit plant (Mirabilis jalapa) (right).

Lladró’s Belle de Nuit collection, literally meaning ‘Beauty of the Night’, is one of their fascinating lineups. It is inspired by the flowering plant of the same name Mirabilis jalapa whose flowers open in the evening, reflect the shimmery moonlight and release a sweet-smelling scent throughout the night. The plant has a very dynamic morphology, with features such as quadrangular stems, bracts, spherical and wrinkled fruits, and a transformative flower from an oblong angular bud to a funnel-like structure with a crenelated pavilion when in full bloom.

Lladró’s Belle de Nuit 24 Lights Chandelier (White) and Belle de Nuit 2 Lights Wall Sconces. @kitchendesignnetwork.

The marriage of curved organic details together with angular geometric ridges and bright LED lighting softened by the translucent porcelain lampshades radiates a unique energy that easily complements other furniture and decoration. When interpreting the plant-form within their porcelain creations, Lladró achieved a delicate balance between the desire for a classically luxurious elegance and modern contemporary design – also known as transitional design. By incorporating transitional pieces to your home, it is sure to bring joy for years to come due to the timelessness that supersedes trends and fads.

Belle de Nuit Ceiling Pendant Lamps’s simple form is modern elegance personified.
Belle de Nuit 2 Lights Wall Sconce Blue (left) truly brings out Lladró’s iconic porcelain lampshades. @eclipse.lightingBelle de Nuit Table Lamp Pink (right) with its colour-matched lampshade.

The Belle de Nuit collection also has the widest availability of lighting types, from their gorgeous customizable chandeliers of varying sizes to wall sconces, hanging lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps. The design philosophy of the collection is carried throughout the various types to enable cohesion when designing for larger spaces. The handmade nature of porcelain components makes each piece unique and inconspicuously luxurious.

The Belle de Nuit Chandelier (left) comes in 12, 24, 40, and 56 Lights variants. and is height adjustable; Belle de Nuit Floor Lamp’s (right) simple form works well with various design styles.

The Belle de Nuit collection comprises various colours from the evergreen white and black variants, to many coloured variations that showcases Lladró’s wide colour palette. The colour and hanging ornamentations of the chandeliers are highly customizable to taste. In fact, each lighting piece is made to order to give you the best possible product.

Most importantly, the Belle de Nuit collection is a true mark of quality and is made to last for multiple generations. It is also has an unmistakably Lladró character for the truly discerning. For more information regarding Lladró’s wide lighting collections, do contact us for a consultation or visit us at our Sydney Boutique.


Belle de Nuit 24 Lights Chandelier in a modern space. @kitchendesignnetwork.

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