Rechargable Cordless Lamps: Lladró's Firefly, Ice Cream, Dome, Kokeshi and Lithophane Lamps

The cordless lighting trend just makes sense, which is why we believe that it’s here to stay and will create a new norm and expectation in lighting. Advances in technology would also mean that lighting cables might disappear and be a thing of the past within a few years.

With smaller homes and the ever-changing organisation of space, consumers are also looking for flexible portable cordless lighting options that are able to create flexible atmospheres and be used for many different lighting purposes. Renters are also able to beautify their home whilst adding a functional item, making an aesthetically pleasing element without the commitment of damaging the property.

Lladró adds to the cordless lighting trend with their portable lamps whilst using the benefits of the porcelain material. Discover some of them below.


The firefly’s magical quality of emitting light is the inspiration behind Lladro’s Firefly collection, a series of cordless table lamps with chargeable batteries and LED lights. They come with shades, porcelain lithophanes whose translucent quality allows a warm intense light to filter through which is perfect for indoor spaces, gardens and patios or on tables in hotels and restaurants.

With designs inspired by plant motifs and decorated with attractive combinations of colours, there’s bound to be a version that would be perfect for your space The lamps are modelled after palm trees, cactuses, sunflowers and lotus flowers. All the firefly lamps are made entirely of glossy porcelain.

The Firefly lamps come with a USB charger that can either be plugged in permanently, or used occasionally to recharge your lamp. The intensity of the lamp can be adjusted using the Lladró logo dimmer switch on the base. Just touch the logo to turn the light on. Touch and hold the logo to dim down the light. Repeat to brighten the light. Touch the logo again to turn the light off. After switching off, the lamp resets to full intensity. At full intensity the Firefly lamps will be lit for 7-8 hours.


With a matt porcelain finish and ornate decoration, when these lamps made in translucent porcelain are lit, you can see the rich ornamentation of the patterns etched on their surface. The lamp includes a LED module with a touch dimmer switch to control the level of light. With a full charge, the lamp will be lit for 5-6 hours.

Some pieces are finished with a silver or gold lustre, a technique that fuses 18k gold or sterling silver to the porcelain, creating additional visual interest that is also decorative when the lamp is not in use.


The magic of lithophanes is born from the play of light with the translucent character of porcelain. By illuminating its interior, it projects warm lighting throughout the room and highlights the engraving that decorates it, producing relief effects on its surface.

Lladró’s religious lithophanes shows the most important scenes for each religion, which is perfect to gift as a present or to fill your home with the stories that you grew up with.

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Inspired by the soft, warm glow emitted from Japanese paper lanterns and the unique texture and swirls of ice cream to create a collection that is perfect for the demands of modern living. The mix of traditional and modern design is in keeping with the minimalist trends of today without feeling cold or without personality. With leather handles and accents, expertly crafted matt porcelain, gold metal finishes and Lladró’s touch-sensitive cordless technology, these lamps are a new opportunity to explore the limits of porcelain. 
Available in four colour variations of blue, black, nude and leather. Discover more about Lladró’s collection of cordless Ice Cream Lamps.


These oh-so-cute lamps are modelled after Japanese Kokeshi Dolls. The soft curves are juxtaposed with linear lines. Just what you need to dress up your next dinner party. Launching in 2022!

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