Candid Spaces: A New Look at The Guest

The Guest by Rolito (small) (numbered edition)

The Guest is an all-time Lladró favourite, loved for their collectability, uniqueness and versatility. The Guest combines striking colours pallets with a contemporary and almost futuristic design that references the whimsy and playfulness of children’s cartoon characters. Jaime Hayon’s takes expression to a whole new level with The Guest Series, with not just the flexibility to curate your own collection of the Guest. Discover our top tips on how to decorate with the Guest at home.

We love the Guest series for the way it marries simplicity and intricacy, the series famously collaborate with other artists and designers like Rolito, Henn Kim and Supakitch to create uniquely personal pieces that connect deeply with their viewers. The Guest is one of those pieces that is a show-stopper no matter what setting it’s in, be it at home or in a commercial setting. Because of the versatility of the Guest in terms of size and colour, these pieces have a unique decorative quality that allows them to both blends and compliments their surroundings but also acts as a visual intrigue. Discover how the Guest uses colours to create eye-catching pieces.

The Guest in White (Large size)

In many ways, they are the perfect blank canvas to express your individuality, at home, the Designer series is a wonderful visual expression of personality and flair. The same can be said for the rest of the collection only in a more subtle way, in a commercial setting, you notice their clean silhouette and playful design, reminiscent of Rilakkuma establishes a modern, inviting and quirky environment.

The Guest by Devilrobots

Lladró’s The Guest is a perfect example of Lladró’s innovative and creative brand mindset, with new finishes being used and designs being released that offer something for everyone. Its no wonder why we love them so much!

Red and Blue The Guest (small)
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