Celebrating Mother's Day In 2021: Honour the Women Who Raised Us

Mother’s Day is a day dedicated to honouring the mothers all around the world for what they have done for us. On this day we show our love, gratitude and appreciation to the women who took care of us and raised us. Though we should be doing this anyway regardless of what day it is, it’s always nice to make her feel extra special on this dedicated day.

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The origins of Mother’s Day dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, but the modern day holiday we all know was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 America to honour all mothers, after her own mother passed away and became an official holiday in America in 1914. However, the first Mother’s Day was not held in Australia until 1924 after the tragic loss of fathers and husbands in result of World War I, that made mothers no longer mothers.

With Mother’s Day coming up on the 9th of May this year, you don’t want to be the one who buys their mother or mother of their child a last minute gift. Here are a few gift ideas so you can avoid exactly that. Not to mention that you can do it all from the comfort of your home. As always we provide free express shipping for all purchases via formfluent.com.



Show how much you appreciate all that she’s done for you and the family with these figurines of women.


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Compliment her beauty, inside and out, with these pieces of art that she can actually wear.


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Get her to relax via some aromatherapy with these perfume diffusers that are both beautiful to look at as well as lovely to smell.


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