Cool Ways To Decorate With Your Lladró

So, you have Lladro pieces and aren’t sure how to display them? Or the excitement you once felt over your display has eroded as time has passed. Whatever the case may be, look no further, as this guide should inspire you!

1. Feature a wall sculpture to create depth 

One of the coolest ways to elevate your home is by featuring your home with not only Lladró's Buffalo Mask, but any piece from this exquisite collection. This striking piece, designed to hang on the wall, pairs beautifully with other artwork to enhance the aesthetic harmony of your space. Unlike traditional wall art that can only be appreciated from a limited number of angles, this Lladró sculpture offers a unique visual experience from every perspective. Whether you're standing or sitting nearby, its intricate depth and detail ensure that it remains a captivating focal point. The play of light and shadow across its textured surface reveals new dimensions and nuances, making it a dynamic addition to any room. Imagine it gracing your kitchen or living room wall, catching the sunlight as the day progresses, or serving as a conversation starter in your office.

 2. Create visual interest by layering your Lladró

You can encircle your Little Ballerina I Figurine with books, stacking them to frame her poised grace. The arrangement transforms your bookshelf into a dynamic stage, where the ballerina’s fluid lines and serene expression are highlighted against the structure's vertical lines of the books. The interplay between the books and the porcelain pieces adds depth and interest, turning a simple bookshelf into a curated exhibit of your personal style. If the piece you possess is not a human figurine but that of an animal, such as the Macaw in the photo (right) above, then you can achieve a similar effect by arranging complementary items around it.  By layering, you create a unique and personalised vignette that draws the eye and invites closer inspection. 

3. Create your own gallery using customized plinths

Transform your home into a captivating art gallery by displaying your Lladró pieces on elegant plinths. Position your striking Lladró piece atop a tall, white plinth in a well-lit corner of your space. The height of the plinth elevates the sculpture, making it a focal point that invites admiration from every angle. The contrast between the smooth porcelain and stark, simple plinths enhances the visual display, creating a sophisticated display reminiscent of a high-end art gallery. Incorporate plinths of different heights for a more dynamic arrangement to create a layered effect. Place a trio of Lladró sculptures at varying levels, allowing each piece to stand out while also contributing to a cohesive, curated aesthetic. We also provide assistance to find the most suitable plinths for you.

 4. Use staircases for avant-garde displays 

For a bold and unconventional approach, display your Lladró pieces from The Guest collection on the steps of your staircase to create a striking and avant-garde aesthetic. Whilst it may seem crazy at first, placing these modern figurines along the staircase transforms an often-overlooked space into a dynamic, interactive art environment. This unique display not only draws eyes and creates a visual journey with each step, but also invites closer inspection of each pieces intricate design. The playful arrangement breaks traditional display boundaries, turning your staircase into a captivating, gallery-like experience where art isn't confined to walls or shelves but integrates seamlessly into your homes architecture.

 5. Enhance vases with floral arrangements 

For a touch of elegance and artistic flair, enhance your floral arrangements by displaying them in your Lladró vases, such as the Conversation Vase II by Jaime Hayon. This combines the natural beauty of flowers with the refined artistry of porcelain. Imagine a vibrant bouquet of peonies or lilies cascading from the whimsical form of the Conversation Vase II, its whimsical pattern featuring four distinct male faces with surly expressions adorned with intriguing icons. The vase's playful and artistic design contrasts beautifully with the colourful organic blooms, creating a captivating centrepiece. Displaying such a bouquet on your dining table, mantelpiece, or hallway console turns a simple floral arrangement into a sophisticated art piece.

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