Elevate Your Lladró With Custom Plinths and Pedestals

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." 

- Edgar Degas

Pedestals can change how an artwork looks, or even be part of the entire art itself - like in Nell's installation The Wake. Credit: artshub.
As part of FormFluent's complimentary services, we help customers to find suitable custom plinths and pedestals that work in their intended space. Some benefits of displaying art using plinths and pedestals include:
  1. Elevating art to the appropriate viewing height. Some pieces are better viewed at a specific eye level or allows collectors to highlight specific parts of the piece - for example putting animal or human pieces at eye level so it interacts with the viewer and space.
  2. Dedicated base with proper stability. Pedestals are designed to be bottom heavy so your displayed pieces have no risk of being toppled or shaken. There is also a certain assurance when each piece has its own assigned home space.
  3. Dust and touch protection. For some delicate pieces especially ones depicting Lladró's flowers made petal by petal, having an acrylic or glass display protects the piece from accidental touches and dust whilst allowing full viewability.
  4. Extending the multi-dimensionality of sculptures. What sets out sculptural pieces from 2-D artwork is the ability for the artform to inhabit a 3-D space. From different angles, the piece can tell different parts of the same story or a different one altogether. You can also appreciate the astounding detailing like the wings on the back of Winged Fantasy or the flowers on top of Koi Fish Sculpture.
  5. Ensuring optimal lighting conditions. Due to the various finishes Lladró has experimented with including enamels, metallic lustres, their signature pastel hues or even matt and gres porcelain, their sculptures displays differently in various lighting conditions. Having a light source tweaked to the piece can highlight its strongest facets.
From simple standalone plinths and acrylic covered pedestals, to museum quality display units with dedicated lighting - there is a solution for any scenario that will highlight the pieces you love.
Here are some examples of great use of plinths and pedestals:


  • Elevating these pair of Oriental Lion Figurines gives them a strong presence despite their size. It is also a belief that these traditonal guardians should be elevated so they can better keep watch and guard from misfortune. These lions which are globally sold out are now available in large limited edition versions.



  • Lladró's Gladiator Figurine is set at a comfortable eye level to appreciate the intricate details on his armour and shield. It is also easier to notice the textural embellishments on his helmet.
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