Designer Dive: Bodo Sperlein Puts Fun and Sophistication into His Designs for Lladró

For Bodo Sperlein, there is no limit with what you can do with different materials even if other people are fixated at categorising or putting them into predefined assumptions. He likes to take that common thought and breaks that very same perception by designing products that are no where close to what you immediately think of them.

The Niagara Chandelier in all white, 60cm - with 50 fairies.

“I like to use traditional materials as to show a new generation that you can do amazing things with them“, said Bodo in an interview with Yauatcha Life.

Magic Forest Chandelier 1.1m with 108 porcelain leaves.

Currently based in London, Bodo Sperlein was born in Germany and when he studied 3D Design at the Camberwell College of Arts, he was attracted to ceramics and how it is a good vehicle for product design, especially in designing products that are both functional and beautiful. He started out with tableware and have designed for the likes of Lladró, Mulberry, Loewe (he was the Creative Director for the brand for a few years), Swarovski, Hakkasan, Nikko and Dibbern, and Agent Provocateur amongst other renowned brands.

He respects artisan and makers’ skills and knowledge and regularly consults them whilst designing to ensure that the result and final piece is executed as intended. He honours the lifelong learned skill of these forgotten artisans and uses their expertise to create pieces that otherwise would not be able to be realised, ones that test the limit of their skills, but only to create something that has never been created before with that material.

Bodo Sperlein's contribution to the Equus Collection showcases modern homeware infused with horse-themed characteristics (left).

In his designs for Lladró, Bodo Sperlein gave a new look to porcelain, to turn all expectations of “grandmother’s china“ and “traditional“ to modern, unexpected and wiped out that tight collared expectation. There’s a sense of fun in his designs, but at the same time, it’s never brash. There’s a quiet sophistication in Sperlein’s designs that immediately elevate the piece to feel much more luxurious, which is why luxury brands love working with him and why his designs are sought after in homes around the world.


Bodo Sperlein designed two chandeliers for Lladró, the Niagara Chandelier and Magic Forest Chandelier. Discover our comprehensive guide to Lladró’s porcelain chandeliers.

Each fibre optic line of the Niagara Chandelier can be adjusted to create the best look for your space.

The Niagara Chandelier invokes daydreams and the impossible, with fairies dangling on fibre optic strands. The Niagara Chandelier comes in many different sizes, and available in two colourways - matt white or matt white and gold.

The white and gold fairies are decorated with matt and glossy gold finishes, creating depth and textures (right).

The leaves on the Magic Forest Chandelier is a great for those who love nature, with leaves swaying in the wind. The functional design is timeless and adds a sculptural element to any space.


At first glance one certainly notices the matt white birds, and then realises that the gold hardware that keeps them together are shaped in branches and the gist of the collection.

Bodo took Lladró’s expertise in crafting porcelain animal figurines and married that with a quirky design that highlights that skill. The Magic Forest collection is immediately distinguishable and has a strong presence, and most collectors who buy into this collection tend to buy multiple pieces because of their love for it.

All metalware in the Magic Forest jewellery pieces are plated in 18 karat gold.

Magic Forest Long Earrings, Magic Forest Ring, and Magic Forest Stud Earrings.
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