Jamie Hayon is Designer of the Year 2024 for AW Magazine

Credit: AW Magazine, Photo: Joseph Fox
The wildly fantastical design of Jaime Hayon is often full of colour and explores the imaginative capacity of humanity. For the Spaniard designer, art and design are an inextricable part of culture and human living. His whimsical design has continued to be relevant and exciting, and thus he was awarded by AW Magazine the Designer of the Year 2024. AW Magazine is a German publication focused on design and living.

Jamie Hayon has an extensive collection of pieces in his many years of collaboration with Lladró. His most iconic piece is probably the collectable Guest Figurines, a modern interpretation of the self which is available in various colourways and unique designs by various collaborative designers. The follow-up to that, his Embraced Sculptures tells a different story about self love.

 Jamie Hayon's The Guest Collection.

Some of his designs tell a story familiar to many of us: love. This can be seen in his Conversation Vases which shows various personas talking to each other - a reflection of our inner struggles or perhaps interactions between unique human beings. This can also be seen in The Fantasy Collection - where a lover grows through different stages of love.

A love story can be seen through his pieces - from Lover to Love Explosion and finally culminating in Family Portrait.
Watch Jamie Hayon's 'fast five' interview by Uta Abendroth for AW Magazine:
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