Lladró Spring 2024 Releases

Here's an early preview of Lladró's Spring 2024 releases and some of our highlights.

2024's annual piece - Rose Ball.

2024's annual piece is Rose Ball, referencing the deep blue ombrés of Lladró's iconic Night Approaches Women Sculpture Limited Edition but still staying true to their elegant woman figures with pastel skin tones and billowing skirts. The single rose is another Lladró's signature, made petal by petal and is a great addition to their other rose pieces including Rose Ballet and Little Rose Girl.

Eternal Fluidity Collection

The new Eternal Fluidity Collection pays tribute to the great masters of anatomy and is brought to life in matt white porcelain - with a twist. SIlver lustre is applied in a molten viscous manner blending the classics with the new, emotion with reason, and achieving a duality in what may seem like the mundane.

White Rhino & Mummy Bear & Babies - Underwater.

Two of Lladro's popular animal sculptures - the African white rhino and the polar bear with her cubs - has been given a new treatment. Continuing their experimentation with finishes, a gradiated and irridescent glaze is applied to exactly half of each sculpture, giving the quasi-real illusion of submersion underwater. This ties these beautiful creatures back to an element of nature people often forget they inhabit - water.

Lion (Matt Black).

Joining the ranks of Lladro's origami animals like the bullelephant, panthers, dragon and others - is the lion in matt black. The king of the jungle is finally conceptualised in the ancient Japanese artform of paper folding to take his rightful throne. The geometric application on its mane amplifies its tsrength furthermore.

You can browse the full release in the catalogues below:

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