Lladró's Dog and Candy Collection: Dog Sculptures That You Will Love

The joy when dogs happily greet their owners when they arrive back home can pretty much negate anything bad that happened during the day. The unconditional love and affection that pet dogs have towards their owners are one of the reasons why pet dogs are so popular. Dogs and humans are both social animals that thrive on affection and attention, and are aptly known as man’s best friend.

Lladró’s Dog and Candy Collection features 4 6 different breeds:

New - Puppie Pug with Sweets and Poodle with Mochis 

These two new cute additions to the Collection is sure to delight! Contact us if you need to get them ordered.

English Bulldog with Lollipop

He’s got attitude and he doesn’t need to justify it, and why would he? The true-to-size english bulldog holds a lollipop in his mouth, a scene that will always put a smile to your face when you see him.


Chihuahua with Marshmallows

You’ve walked on your Chihuahua playing around with pink marshmallows. He doesn’t seem apologetic though and instead asks for more. Cheerful and energetic as always.


Jack Russell with Red Licorice

The Jack Russell’s cheeky side-eye with an otherwise calm expression makes you wonder what he did wrong, that he is now behaving so well. He sits upright with a red licorice twist hanging off his nose.


French Bulldog with Macaron

The newest addition to the collection, this piece was just launched in 2019. The french bulldog sits with an attentive look, begging with his eyes for another dog treat. Nestled in his arms are two pastel coloured macarons with a gold lustre dog tag hanging off his collar.

The perfect gift or addition to a home, these pieces bring joy without the need for long walks.

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