A Compendium of All the Dog Breeds Lladró Makes

There is nothing like the bond between a dog and its owner. With its unconditional love and loyalty towards their owners, a dog can be the best friend you’ll ever have. Lladró knows how big of a role these animals play in your lives, therefore they have a broad selection of dog-figurines of many different breeds. Though it can never replace your dog, it will sure be highly appreciated in your home or as a gift.

Contact our team if you are looking for any specific dog breeds not mentioned in this article.


Patiently waiting to dig in on the macarons, French Bulldog with macarons is a charming piece. A fun piece you can rearrange every few weeks.


A favourite of the Dog with Candy Collection, the English Bulldog with Lollipop, shows a bulldog caught in the act of eating candy. A heartwarming sculpture in a glazed finish.



Known for its intelligence, this Jack Russell is restraining from devouring the liquorice hanging over its nose. A fun piece that is perfect for decorating your home.



This dog is caught red-handed by its owners. Poodle with Mochis, is made in glazed porcelain and a collar. With the poodles characteristic fur, this piece shows great attention to detail with both the rug and its fur.



With its loyal nature and big personality, it’s easy to understand why Chihuahuas are so popular. Chihuahua with Marshmallows is a funny piece of a dog that pretends to be unbothered by the sweets around it.





Despite the misconception, there are few dogs that are gentler than Greyhounds. The Pensive Greyhound Lamp unveils the reflective and thoughtful side of this breed. Check out the matching pair here.

Attentive greyhound is a perfect example of why this breed through years have been a favourite amongst the prestigious. With the accurate anatomy and clear definition of muscles, you can see why they are known for their beauty.


Elegant Promenade Woman is out walking her dogs. They say a dog is a reflection of its owner, which this piece accurately showcases with aristocratic and regal borzois.



This mischievous chap charms, even after knocking a basket of flowers over. This terrier, in a glazed finish, is holding down a basket of red flowers.

In Lladró’s iconic pastel colours, this terrier gives a gentler and softer and innocent expression compared to his counterpart on the left.



Cocker Spaniel are well-mannered and are great family dogs. This fun piece shows a scene of a girl walking her cheerful dogs and their litter of puppies.

Keeping your dog and its puppies in check isn’t always easy, but this boy does it perfectly. My Little Explorers Boy shows a young farm boy walking his dogs.


With its sad puppy eyes, this dogs gets away with his cheekiness. Take me home Dog makes you smile everytime you see it. When are you taking me home?


He is just as excited and impatient about opening gifts. This sweet puppy tugs at our heart strings just like how he pulls at the blue ribbon adorning the gift box.



There is nothing like coming home from a long day and have your loyal Golden Retriever waiting patiently for you, whether you’ve been away a few minutes or hours, you’ll be met with a doting greeting. A Warm Welcome perfectly conveys the Retrievers loving and playful side.



Unconditional connection and loyalty is expressed perfectly by My Loyal Friend Dog.

Forget the bouquet of flowers - how can you resist its cute face?



Samoyeds are loyal and intelligent, who thrives in the company of humans. A trademark of this breed is also their distinctive and adorable smile.



A Romantic Stroll has all of Lladró’s signature details - handmade flowers, porcelain lace umbrella and pastel colours.


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