Lladró's The Guest by Supakitch: Capturing the Ebbing and Flowing of Waves


When you stand in front of the ocean, listening to the rhythmic sounds of waves hitting the shore, something magical happens. Even if you are feeing angry or anxious or stressed, all that melts away. The ocean waves are scientifically proven to de-stimulate your brain.

It’s this movement of the waves that French artist Supakitch tries to capture with his fluid series.

Guillaume Grando a.k.a Supakitch is himself a surfer, was inspired at the way the surface waves catches the sunlight, unveiling the vastness, movement, gesture and colours of the ocean. He was so fascinated by this movement that he tried to capture this in a still form, bringing the transient nature of the ocean to the gallery and to internal spaces. He uses resin and reflective metallic paints to create movement within a static piece of art. This brings the magic of ocean waves right into your space, a token to remind you to slow down and enjoy the present.

His approach to creating art comes from his background as a graffiti artist, as he focuses on communicating the continuous flow of the waves. The dynamism of graffiti art was brought into ocean waves, akin to gazing out at sea, inducing a meditative state, a calmness in mind. Both elements results in a piece that invokes the live presence of the movement of waves, with all the mesmerising nuances that water has, a deep, calm, colour-shifting reflections.

Lladró's The Guest by Supakitch

The Large The Guest by Supakitch is limited to 300 pieces, a piece that has a gradient colour from light blue to dark blue, with its relief effect of the waves made more prominent with a new pearl glaze, giving off a sheen like how ocean waves would.

The Small The Guest by Supakitch is a numbered edition series, with an interesting yellow to green ombre transition of colour, also with the pearl glaze to accentuate the texture of the surface of The Guest, catching the light as it changes within your space.

Australia’s ongoing love affair with a life on the ocean waves will certainly mean that this series will be a hit!

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