Shaping Joy: Camille Walala’s Chosen Colours

Drawing inspiration from her previous artwork series titled ‘Putting Things in Perspective’, Walala collaborated with Lladró to create two new limited editions to the ever popular, ‘The Guest’ collection. It is vibrant, it is joyful, it puts a smile to your face.

Camille Walala is a contemporary French designer and artist known for her vibrant and eye-catching artistic style, who often incorporates elements such as bold geometric shapes, playful colours, and a sense of optical illusion. By utilizing artistic elements from her previous series, she produced thoughtfully designed sculptures that are full of contrasts, combining bold, bright colours with intricate patterns.

Walala’s collaboration with Lladró adds a touch of a contemporary flair and vibrant energy to The Guests timeless exterior. Her signature style brings a fresh perspective to a collection where other pieces may be characterised by being monochromatic or delve into more dejected narratives. Walalas artistic vision shines brightly with exuberance and cheerfulness. The distinctiveness of her design lies in its ability to evoke an instant sense of happiness. Additionally, Walala’s artistry appears to transcend cultural and linguistic boundaries, as the expression of joy is universally understood and appreciated. It stands as a testament to the enduring power of art to bring joy to people's lives and serves as a beacon of happiness that brightens any space it graces. 

Walala masterfully incorporates geometric shapes into her artworks, creating a visually arresting and cohesive visual language. Her compositions are a tapestry of intersecting lines, angles, and forms, meticulously arranged to achieve a harmonious balance. With precision and finesse, she employs defined shapes such as circles, triangles, squares, and other geometric elements into intricate patterns that dance across her sculptures in particular. The use of punctuated black and white edges in her shapes creates a crisp and modern aesthetic, while the juxtaposition of bold primary colours enhances their visual impact. Through a deft manipulation of geometric shapes, patterns, and colours, she creates a sense of visual trickery that challenges the viewer’s perception and draws them into an immersive experience.

Her art plays with perspective, distorting and bending lines in ways that create the illusion of movement and depth, giving her flat surfaces a three-dimensional quality. Colour is another essential element of Walala’s art style. She has a keen sense of colour theory and uses it to create a sense of joy, energy, and harmony in her artwork. Her skillful use of colour contrasts adds depth and dimension to her designs, making them visually dynamic and captivating. Walala’s artworks conjure a sense of joy, happiness and optimism, often through transporting the audience to a whimsical world of boundless imagination. Whether it's through large-scale murals on city walls, public art installations, or interior design projects, her art style evokes a profound positive energy.

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