Repair Your Lladró Pieces Invisibly: Before and After Photos

Accidentally knocked over your favourite Lladró piece? Cracked a figurine that has sentimental value? Lost a part of a statue while moving house? Although Lladró’s high-quality porcelain is designed to last a lifetime and beyond, we all know that sometimes accidents just happen.

At FormFluent, we understand that some things just can’t be replaced. So with our repair service, you’re able to have those precious sentimental pieces repaired and looking good as new. Just bring your broken piece in-store or email us some detailed photos and we’ll provide you with a quote for repair. Our talented repairer is even able to fix these delicate pieces invisibly so you can’t tell that they were ever broken!

We’ve even compiled these before and after photos of pieces from real clients, so you can see for yourself just how incredible these repairs are:


1. Before: This lady had lost a piece of her scarf that needed to be reattached.

1. After: Our repairer was able to attach the broken piece invisibly. Can you even see the break?


2. Before: As well as a missing finger, this figurine had some flaking paint where a previous owner had attempted a repair themselves.

2. After: Our repairer was able to remove the paint without damaging the piece, and replace the finger from scratch — how talented!


3. Before: This figurine’s fan had broken from her hand, and also had a chip and hairline fracture.

3. After: Can you even tell it was ever broken? There’s no cracks to be seen.


4. Before: Sometimes pieces come to us with residual glue or adhesive from previous repairs, like this piece whose head had broken off.

 4: After: Luckily our repairer is able to clean this glue from the porcelain and fix the piece perfectly, so you can’t even tell it was ever broken.


5. Before: Delicate parts like fingers and flowers are among the most common breaks.

5. After: But look how well they can be repaired! Even the skin tone matches perfectly.


FormFluent Holdings Pty Ltd is not responsible for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damage or loss of any kind arising from your use of FormFluent Holdings Pty Ltd’s Lladró Repair Service.

For products covered under the Lladró Assurance Programme (L.A.P.): Customers must provide valid proof of purchase from FormFluent Holdings Pty Ltd, in addition to photo identification for us to verify that your personal data matches that of the insurance holder.

After an appropriate quotation is provided, full payment will be required before the service commences. A fee will be charged for our services, in addition to the charges for the repair, replacement parts (if required), and/or shipment. All shipping costs are to be borne by the customer. If the customer decides not to go through with the service, the customer must reclaim their Lladró piece within 14 days from the Lladró Sydney Boutique.

FormFluent Holdings Pty Ltd is the official Australian distributor for Lladró. However, we are a separate legal entity, and cannot act on behalf of Lladró. We can only act as a conduit between the two parties.

You acknowledge and agree that your submission of your Lladró product is at your sole risk. Delivery, carriage, and insurance costs are the responsibility of the buyer and are payable at confirmation of delivery. Any transport of the goods is at the risk of the owner and the owner is therefore advised to ensure delivery.

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