Stormtrooping into Lladró's Star Wars Collection

Over almost 50 years, the stormtrooper of the Star Wars universe has evolved from just a symbol of the fascist Galactic Empire's foot soldiers into a pop culture phenomenon. They are often memed and referenced in various cartoons, video games and even films due to their infamy of being the most inaccurate shots in the galaxy and their slapstick role as cannon fodder.

Visually, they were designed by concept artist Ralph MacQuarrie and costume designer John Mollo referencing the Nazi Sturmabteilung shock troops in World War 1 and using fear-inducing imagery such as skulls and an inhumanly fishlike downturned mouth for the helmet. Their skeletal-looking armour consists of white plastoid armor pieces worn over black body-stocking. The shiny white surfaces invokes a futuristic one-size-fits-all uniform and denotes their replaceability in the ranks. In the expanded lore, there are many more armour variations for specialised stormtroopers, but the classic look is the most iconic of them all.

Joining the ranks of Darth Vader, Queen Amidala, Rey, Ahsoka Tano, Princess Leia and Grogu (Baby Yoda) is Lladró's newest addition to their Star Wars collection this year - the Stormtrooper™ Sculpture Limited Edition.

Instead of creating a sculpture from casting resin (hardened plastic) or cold porcelain (which despite the name isn't actual porcelain but is a cornstarch and white glue mix) which are common materials for many collectible figurines, Lladró sticks to what they know best - the highest quality handmade porcelain. The sculpture has both glossy and matt porcelain finishes to give a sense of depth. It is rendered in mostly white and black, with some decorative grey touches.

The Stormtrooper™ Sculpture Limited Edition is limited to 1138 numbered units, a reference many of George Lucas's projects and also the name of several stormtroopers in the lore. We anticipate this to be sold out quickly worldwide as per the previous Darth Vader Sculptures, so do let us know if you wish to reserve one soon!

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