The Evolution of Lladró Porcelain

The Lladró brand has come a long way since it started from it’s humble beginnings to become a world leading brand in the design, manufacturing and distribution of porcelain art creations. Lladró has been in the game for decades now and over the decades they are continuously evolving as a brand and innovating the porcelain world.

1950’s - Humble Beginnings

Lladró started as a small family business by the hands of three brothers, Juan, José and Vicente Lladró in 1953 from their home village of Almàssera. They began by making plates, vases and then ceramic figurines that were inspired by European manufacturers; Meissen, Sèvres and Capodimonte. During this period they began experimenting with the complex modelling of flowers, tulle and lace that they are so known for and are still seen in their figurines today.

Girl with Sea Shell Figurine issued in 1956 (left), Boy with Flute Figurine issued in the 1950s (centre), Ballet Woman Figurine issued in 1957 (right)

1960’s - A Distinct Style

In this decade, they established their unique and distinctive style; elongated lines and delicate pastels which makes Lladró world famous. By this time, they have shown mastery of the material and introduced the revolutionary single-firing method which soon replaced the tradition triple-firing, which enabled the pieces to be increasingly more complex and dynamic, challenging the laws of gravity.

Sad Harlequin Figurine issued in 1969 (left), Two Women with Flagons Figurine issued in 1969 (centre), Woman on Horse Figurine issued in 1969 (one of the few older pieces still in production today).

1970’s - International Recognition

The first limited series are born and the definitive international recognition arrives. This was also a period where Lladró began producing more Gres pieces after becoming familiar with the materials's resistance and earthy tones.

Group with Parasol Figurine issued in 1970 (left), Herons Figurine issued in 1976 (centre), Car in Trouble issued in 1978 (right). 

1980s - Reaching New Heights

Continuing their mastery of the material, they constantly seek new ways to express imagination. This period also saw new frontiers into markets such as China, Japan, and United States, as well as exploring emerging markets such as Russia, India, and Eastern Europe.

Springtime in Japan issued in 1983 (left), Floral Offering issued in 1986 (centre), I Am Don Quixote issued in 1987 (right).

1990s - Excellence

This was the start of Lladró's production of large complex scenes, usually involving their signature handmade flowers. Older collections start being showcased at museums and cultural pieces are developed into more ornate and intricate forms.

Tea in the Garden issued in 1992 (left), Flowers Forever isued in 1993 (centre), Happy Anniversary issued in 1998 (right).

2000s - New Paths

To mark the new millenium, Lladró releases the magnificent High Porcelain collection consisting of  exquisite large pieces that pushes their craftsmanship to the limit. They also further challenge themselves with anatomical matt white pieces as well as expressively vivid and colourful works.

Butterfly Treasures Woman Figurine issued in 2001 (left), Gondola of Love issued in 2002 (centre), Shakyamuni Buddha Golden issued in 2008 (right).

2010s - Diversification

Focusing on the uniqueness of individuals and the intersection of styles, Lladró collaborates with the likes of Gary Baseman, Paul Smith, Rolito, and Henn Kim. This creative exchange is both educational and experiential for lovers of both brands.

The Guest by Rolito Small Model Numbered Edition issued in 2014 (left), Lord Shiva issued in 2016 (centre), Icarus Sculpture issued in 2019 (right).

2020s Onwards

Today, Lladró's catalogue has an extensive breadth of categories and styles that push the envelope of style and substance. Working with global designers such as Marcel Wanders, Naoto Fukusawa and Nichetto Studio, Lladró continues to keep porcelain relevant and timeless - so keep an eye out for their newest developments.

Macaw Bird Vase Green Blue issued in 2021 (left) also available in Red Green, Ahsoka Tano issued in 2022 (centre) expanding Disney's line-up, Soft Blown Afloat Chandelier collaboration with Nichetto Studios - launched and won an award in 2023.
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