Where the Wind Blows: Lladró’s Boats

“You will love the ocean. It makes you feel small, but not in a bad way. Small because you realise you’re part of something bigger.”

— Lauren Myracle

In today’s fast-paced world, where we are constantly on the move and everything is at our fingertips, many of us find solace in the slower aspects of life. Lladró’s collection of boats and nautical-inspired pieces truly capture much the romanticism and nostalgia that draw many to sailing.

There is a particularly peaceful and romantic ambience that comes with sailing and being on the water. So many of us have memories of lazy summer days spent in the family boat, fishing with dad or gramps, or sunbathing with the fresh breeze on the face and the occasional splash of water. Even with cars and planes providing the fastest modes of transportation, people are still drawn to sailing. Sailing isn’t just a mode of transportation, it is not just a means to an end. It is the feeling of freedom, independence and solitude that draws people to the water time and time again. Even when you’re with other people, the experience of being surrounded by the vastness of nature can be a very centring experience that allows you to be in the moment and perspective on what matters. Much how like cottage living has become popular in recent years, the appeal of a slower way of life even just for a short while is powerful and makes up the allure of sailing and being on the water.

Lladró’s Paper Boats Children Sculpture

For Lladró, boats have been a way to reminisce and celebrate fond memories of family, summer and youth. As seen in the Paper Boats Children Sculpture, Lladró’s sculptors have masterfully captured all that we love and associate with sailing in the youthful activity of paper boat making. In many ways paper boat making is emblematic of what we love about sailing, the making of the boat is a slow and careful process that requires focus on the task just hows setting off and adjusting one’s sails requires attention to detail and focus. The reward is being able to gradually able to drift along with the current and appreciate the world around.

Lladró’s Fishing with Gramps Sculpture

Lladró sculptors are masters of portraying family and connecting almost universal memories and experiences. It is something that the original Lladró brothers were keen to explore when they began creating. Seemingly ordinary activities such as fishing with grandpa are portrayed in such a tender and deep way that makes us cherish our own memories with loved ones. Part of the reason Dad, Uncle or Grandpa take us fishing as kids is to teach us patience, focus and appreciation for nature and of course spend quality time with family without distraction.

Lladró’s Gondola in Venice Sculpture (ltd edn).

Nothing speaks romance quite like gondola rides through the canals of Venice at twilight. The activity has always been a favourite of couples in Venice and in particular, the wealthy, gondolas are the ultimate symbol of luxury, gentle lifestyle. It’s not hard to see why either, the subtle sway of the gondola lulls you into an almost mediative state and allows you to be present and appreciate the beauty of the scenery (of course with the person you’re with). It is for this reason that Lladró has had such a fascination with gondolas through the years with the culmination being Lladró’s Gondola in Venice Sculpture (ltd edn). Lavishly decorated with Lladró’s signature handmade flowers that add to the decadent feeling it evokes. The piece masterfully captures the history, romanticism and luxury we associate with riding in gondolas. Learn more about Venetian Gondolas.

We cannot talk about romance without mentioning Venus, the Goddess of Love. Seen here seated in her luxurious gondola, adorned with Lladró’s signature handmade flowers and accompanied by two cupids. Interestingly, this particular boat seems to draw inspiration from other cultures, this creates a sense of history and timelessness to the piece. The shape of the prow and addition of the canopy not typical of gondolas, is almost reminiscent of what the ancient Egyptians used as pleasure boats to meander up the Nile. Read more about the Goddess of Love.

Gondola of Love, Goddess Sculpture (ltd edn).

From paper boats made with friends to leisurely fishing days with grandpa and romantic gondola rides, Lladró’s collection of boats remind us why we still love the water and to take a moment to experience the world around us.

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