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Bunny with Flowers Figurines

Bunny with Flowers Figurines

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These sweet bunnies stand out for their realistic modelling, expressive gazes and above all, their beautiful decorative work, consisting of delicate porcelain flowers, meticulously crafted petal by petal by the expert hands of the artists at Lladró. The adorable creature comes in three variants, perfect for collecting. Discover how Lladro makes their signature flowers.

Lladró's Attentive Bunny with Red Flowers - 01007578

With richly coloured red flowers adorning its ears, leg and neck this bunny is a beautiful pop of colour.

Lladró's Attentive Bunny with Blue Flowers - 01006098

With a beautiful selection of Lladró's classic pastel flowers in blue, purple and yellow, this piece has all the fundamentals of a Lladró figurine.

Lladró's Sitting Bunny with Flowers - 01006100

This sweet bunny sits on its haunches while sporting pink and purple pastel flowers to accent its ears back and foot.

Height (cm): 14

Width (cm): 9

Length (cm): 8

Lladró is the leader in luxury porcelain since 1953 and have developed proprietary processes that resulted in a wide range of products and styles that is unparalleled in the world of porcelain. The brand still makes every piece in their workshop in Valencia, Spain.


Brand: Lladró

Reference: 01007578, 01006098, 01006100

Finished: Gloss

Height (cm): 11

Width (cm): 12

Length (cm): 7

Sculptor: Fulgencio García

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