5 Tips: Buying Lladró Like a Pro

It’s probably accurate to say that over the past few months we’ve spent a lot more time inside our homes than out. Our time spent indoors at home has led to an increase in the interest of Lladró to upgrade their interiors.

There are a number of things to look for when starting to collect Lladró pieces. We can’t emphasise enough that you should buy what you love - this should always be the main factor behind your decisions to make a purchase. Here are a few tips of what to consider before you purchase a Lladró piece.

Lladró’s Love’s Bond Mother Figurine


Having an art piece in your home is such a powerful reminder of what is important or a memory that you hold close to your heart. Even if it is not an anniversary or big birthday, marking your milestones with a piece that will remind you of your achievements or moments is so meaningful.

Most people walk into our store with a smile on their face, a memory, a person, a place, a holiday that pops into their mind as they look at the different pieces. Which piece you are attracted to or is beautiful to you is such an individual preference as the connection you have with the Lladró piece is based on your experiences and cultural perspective.


While we are all for buying the best piece you can afford to, it’s always best to keep in mind where you plan to place your new piece. After all, even if it is a sought after limited edition piece that is completely sold out - a must have in your eyes, sometimes it becomes a problem when you get it home and can’t figure out where to place it, and it sits in storage for years.

Pay attention to shape and proportion. Would a piece be too large or too small for the table you’ve planned to place it on? Would a piece with more height add drama and visual interest to your space? Will it be placed next to another piece of art and how does the two look next to each other?

Some people prefer a tonal addition of texture, so having a glazed or matt all-white piece against a white wall is ideal for them. For others, having a colourful piece take centre stage in a brutalist-architecture style space is more their jam.

Lladró’s In My Thoughts Woman Figurine


Although all of Lladró’s pieces don’t have visible hallmarks, there are markers of what makes Lladró famous that your well-heeled friends will recognise as unmistakably Lladró.

The emblematic traits of the brand:

  1. Lladró is known for their pastels. Read more about it here.
  2. The brand uses 24k yellow gold for their gold lustre, the highest in the market. Click here to read more.
  3. The brand makes their signature flowers petal by petal.


    With prices anywhere from AUD500 to AUD100,000 and beyond, Lladró pieces are in demand from keen collectors and public institutions alike. Some of the most elaborate Lladró pieces are held in museum collections for their craftsmanship, design and an important mark for historical events.

    But not all Lladrós fetch a good price in the resell or auction market, click here to read more.


    For smaller spaces, pick pieces that are dual purpose - they function and look aesthetically pleasing. Our cordless lamps are popular just for that. Made for modern flexible living, you can leave these plugged in as a table lamp, and move them around as you need them. It comes in many different colours and as it is in porcelain, the colour doesn’t fade and it’ll look new for much longer than any other lamp types. After all, porcelain from 2000 years ago still looks the same today, barely showing any age, as long as you look after it. Discover our comprehensive guide to Lladró’s porcelain chandeliers.

    The porcelain lampshade on the Firefly lamps are easy to clean and oh-so-cute!

    If all else fails, contact the FormFluent team to discuss your needs and we will provide options to you based on your brief and budget.


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