Candid Spaces: Ideas For Stylish Living Rooms

Recent events meant that most of us in Australia have reviewed our spaces at home, not just functionally ensuring there is a work space and separated spaces for everybody in the house (hello acoustics), but also in interior design. Our homes now function as a home, office, restaurant, beauty salon, man cave, and the list goes on and on. At the very heart of each home is the living room. This is where family or friends congregate, a space that brings people together, to connect and unwind.

The living room is also where people tend to start redecorating more often, maybe because it does require less technical work like plumbing, and functional limitations, so the sky is the limit. You can have clashing bold patterns, display that art-piece you dragged home from a little African village or create a calming abode that makes time stand still.

We’ve fathered a selection of stylish and inspiring living rooms, each featuring some of our own Lladró pieces, to give you ideas on how to curate your own space.

Lladro’s Black and Gold Masks in Sanjyt Syngh’s beautiful home. Image Credits: Architectural Digest

Adding a few great accessories to a coffee table or cabinets are touches that make a living room feel more homey without any intensive work done to your living room. They are also the first spot people notice when you or your guests enter your home which is why it's always a good idea to introduce personality by showing off your taste. Mix in functional items as well as decorative ones for variety.

Living room by Daniella Studio features Awesome Insects

The Guest fits well into this beautiful home Image credit: RobertWillsonMerida

A whole wall dedicated to an extensive Lladró collection. Image credit: Luxury Living KRD

If you have a preference for opulence and grandeur, going with gold accents is one sure way to add richness too your living room. Lladró decorates their pieces with their signature 24kt yellow gold lustre which will stand the test of time and outlast your designer furniture.

Lladró’s The Kiss really brings out Klimt’s signature gold using their signature 24kt yellow gold lustre

The amazing Atlas sculpture fits both an opulent or minimal space.

Good chandeliers are really difficult to find. We are also able to customise a chandelier to your liking - speak to our team to schedule for a consultation.

The Ivy and Seed chandelier complements not only the design of the space, but also the magnificent views.

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