Cleaning Your Lladró

It is important to care for your Lladró piece or Lladró collection to keep them in pristine condition because if properly cared for, these works of art can be kept for a lifetime and even passed down through generations. Even though Lladró’s porcelain is actually more durable than people think, you must take some precautions when cleaning to make sure they look as good as the day you got it.



Make-up brush (or soft-bristle paint brush), micro-fibre polishing cloth, dust blower.
Feather duster, Q-tips, melamine sponge (for matt white sculptures only).

Most importantly, you should never use any cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals such as bleach, ammonia or abrasive particles because it may damage the finish of your piece.

Now, let’s take a look at some cleaning tips and tricks you can use to clean different types of Lladró pieces.


Dust and dirt on Lladró’s classic pastel hued figurines are generally less noticable so a gentle dust with a feather duster for larger pieces without fine details (like flowers or fingers) or a make-up brush for smaller pieces (without flowers) should suffice. Baby wipes can be used to clean any sticky build-up or spillage.

Finger print marks on darker coloured pieces are more prominent so you can use a micro-fiber polishing cloth to keep it looking shiny.


Matt figurines show dust more easily than the glossy figurines so you might want to use a damp cloth to gently wipe your piece after you have dusted it. To get into tiny nooks and crannies that might collect dust, we suggest you use a Q-Tip.

Matt white figurines might be more susceptible to dirt smudges but not to worry! We find that if you use a melamine sponge soaked in water and gently rub the dirty area, it’ll come right off. However, you should only use the melamine sponges on matt white figurines.


Lladró’s sculptors put in hours of work into forming those flowers petal by petal so you must be very careful around them. We suggest you use a dust blower to get rid of any dust that settles within the petals. Direct the nozzle using one hand and firmly squeeze the dust blower to clear any residual dust. Do not get too close to the petals unless you are dexterous.

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For the sculptural elements of the lamps, just follow any of the suggestions same as above. To clean the lamp shade, first remove it from the sculptural base to be safe and wipe down the inside with a slightly damp cloth and use a duster for the outer side of the lamp shade.

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