Lladró's 2023 Releases: An Overview

We are excited to showcase the newest additions to Lladró’s ever-growing selection of luxury handcrafted porcelain. Click the image to view the PDF Catalogues of each category!

Heritage releases for Spring 2023 includes the Protective Dragon Sculpture in limited gold lustre treatment. Lladro’s addition to the Design category in January 2023 features a new colour variant of the Macaw Bird Base in vibrant red. 
Some highlights from Lladró’s new releases:


Lladró’s limited edition Bold Black Collection pushes boundaries in its exploration of monochromatic art. It takes inspiration from artists such as Pierre Soulages, Ad Reinhardt and Anish Kapoor. to showcase the depth and beauty that can be found in the absence of colour and light. Unlike white, which is completely absent of colour, black is unique in that it is both made up of all colours and completely absent of colour as we perceive it. The matt black porcelain shows texture well, highlighting the texture of each animal hide or feathers.

The new addition, Owl Sculpture Black-Gold, is a limited to 1000 numbered pieces, made in the deepest matt black and finished with touches of gold lustre to both accentuate the depth of the black and create a focal point. The black colour allows the viewer to focus on the texture of each piece and heightens the sense of gravitas of the piece. This collection is yet another way for Lladró to test the limits of sculpture and is sure to become a Lladró icon.


Grogu conquered the hearts of countless fans of the Star Wars saga ever since he first appeared in The Mandalorian series. Our hero is a child of the same species as the Jedi master Yoda and possesses the same powers. The sculptural work in this creation, handcrafted in porcelain, is particularly outstanding for the perfect likeness of the character and for the different decorative techniques used. Next to the sold-out Darth Vader, this is our favourite from the Star Wars series by Lladró.


Limited to 3000 numbered pieces

Art inspires art.

From Lladró’s hometown in Valencia, Spain, where they still make their handmade porcelain pieces, the Spanish brand has taken inspiration from Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida, a celebrated local impressionist painter. His ability to capture light and shadow in his work inspired this romantic scene of a couple on a leisurely boat ride.

This piece is a celebration of Lladro’s iconic features: from the handmade flowers to the meticulous bas relief work to create the embroidery of the lady’s dress, shawl, parasol and etchings on the boat.

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