What You Need to Know Before Appointing an Evaluator for Your Lladró Pieces

If you've got Lladró figurines or sculptures, you may be wondering about their value or authenticity. Whether you've inherited them or collected them over time, understanding their worth is difficult if you are not an expert. It's important to note that if you're seeking an evaluation for insurance purposes, it's crucial to understand your insurer's requirements and policy regarding insurance appraisals. If not, then this is where a professional evaluator comes in. However, before you rush to seek their expertise, there are crucial factors to consider. We get alot of questions concerning this topic, and we are aware that there are many scammers prevalent in today's society. In response to this, we have assembled a comprehensive guide for appointing an evaluator for your Lladró pieces.

1. Clarify your objectives:

Before appointing an evaluator, take some time to consider why you want an evaluation in the first place. Are you looking to sell your Lladró pieces, insure them, or simply satisfy your curiosity about their worth? Understanding your motivations will not only help you communicate effectively with the evaluator but also guide you in choosing the right professional for the job. 

2.  Do your research:

Before engaging with an evaluator, it's imperative to research their credentials and reputation. Look for specialists who have experience specifically with Lladró pieces. Most importantly, ensure that the evaluator is licensed within your state. Certainly, do not pay anybody for an evaluation if they are not licensed.

3. Verify their expertise:

Beyond credentials, inquire about the evaluator's experience and expertise in assessing Lladró pieces. Have they worked extensively with these types of sculptures before? Do they possess a deep understanding of Lladró's product history and intricate craftsmanship? A knowledgeable evaluator will not only provide an accurate valuation but also offer valuable insights into the nuances of Lladró collectibles. In addition, ask for or locate on their website any references or reviews from previous clients in order to gauge their level of  expertise.

4. Prepare your pieces:

Before meeting with the evaluator, carefully clean and inspect your Lladró pieces. Take note of any damages, repairs, or missing parts. Documenting the condition of your items will provide valuable information during the evaluation process.

5. Acquire documentation:

Collect any documentation you have regarding your Lladró pieces, such as certificates of authenticity, original packaging, or receipts. This paperwork can help authenticate your items and provide insights into their history and provenance. 

6. Be realistic:

Set realistic expectations regarding the value of your Lladró pieces. While some items may hold significant monetary worth, others may be more valuable sentimentally. Keep an open mind and be prepared for various outcomes from the evaluation. Furthermore, It's important to note that whilst your evaluation states a specific figure, it is not always guaranteed due to the monetary value of the product being dependent on the market value. 

7. Ask Questions:

During the evaluation, don't hesitate to ask questions about the process, methodology, and factors influencing the valuation. A reputable evaluator will be transparent and willing to provide explanations to address your concerns.

8. Obtain a written report:

After the evaluation, request a detailed written report outlining the findings and appraisal of your Lladró piece(s). This report should include, at its minimum,  descriptions of each item, their condition, authenticity assessment, and estimated value.

By following this comprehensive guide, you can approach the process of evaluating your Lladró sculptures and figurines with confidence and clarity.  Remember that the expertise and integrity of the evaluator you choose are crucial factors in obtaining an accurate and reliable valuation of your cherished collectibles. Moreover, a key suggestion is that whichever professional evaluator you hire, it is crucial to meet with them in person for the evaluation. This will enable the evaluator to fully gauge and analyse the piece, in terms of it's height, weight and level of meticulous detail as opposed to photos which simply will not do justice or might even be misleading.

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