Romantic Grandeur: Lladró's Winter Palace Chandeliers

Sophisticated, grand and commanding. When you have a large space or high ceilings, some statement lamps or chandeliers may be too small and may look out of place. You’ll need a chandelier that has presence and commands attention, to add a layer of visual interest.

The Winter Palace chandelier, in a room designed by Angelina SanzClick here to read about our rule of thumb for chandelier sizes.

Lladró's Winter Palace chandeliers do exactly that. It’s not what we would recommend for small spaces or apartments. This lighting collection is inspired by snowy winters, the romanticism of fairytakes, the grandeur of classic chandeliers. No effort was spared in creating a piece that is of the best quality, mixing the highest grade of Austrian crystals with Lladró’s own porcelain pieces, for a unique chandelier that is striking and irreplaceable. It’s not for the faint of heart.

The Lladro 30 lights Winter Palace chandelier is 170 in height, the perfect addition to a space with double height ceilings.

The porcelain pieces of the Winter Palace chandelier are all handmade, with matt finish, glazed finish and 24-karat yellow-gold lustre. The textures and colours exude a finesse rarely found in chandeliers today, reflecting light and casting interesting shadows.

The Winter Palace chandelier is available in 3 sizes, 6, 12 and 30 light chandeliers, with bespoke chandeliers also available to customise or create a one-off piece for you. Lladró chandeliers bought from us have a 2 year warranty. Discover our comprehensive guide to Lladró’s Porcelain Chandeliers.

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