8 Home Accessories to Elevate Your Space

In a world where everything is mass-produced, it is getting harder and harder to find unique items of quality that last. It seems as though there is no way to distinguish your home from the Ikea display room these days. Don’t worry, we have you covered, with 8 of our favourite picks to make your home stand out.

Jamz Reading Lamp with copper stand, also available with gold or black stands.

Jamz Reading Lamp

Lladró’s Jamz Reading Lamp in translucent white porcelain elegantly plays with shape as its design is reminiscent of the shape of Jazz instruments.

The Jamz collection has all the flavour of an era: the sound of jazz clubs, the forms inspired by art deco and the aroma of creativity, rhythm and vitality that characterized a few years of great personality. A unique selection of hanging, standing and reading lamps. The combination of brass and porcelain lithophanes, with a choice of three different lamp shades to fulfil your art deco inspired dreams.

Macaw Bird Vase

The Macaw Bird Vase is eyecatching, to say the least. Even amongst Lladró’s own extensive range of decorative vases, there is nothing quite like it. The glittery, metallic ombre finish of the bird’s plumage is a new technique and look that is not often seen in vases. The Macaw vase is a wonderful example of the perfect balance between sculpture and function, with the vase being an excellent statement piece all on its own flowers or not. It is also now available in a vibrant Red Green colourRead more about these stunning birds.

Lladró’s Macaw Bird Vase, with two micron, 18 karat gold lustre and a glittery matt finish.

Parrot Wall Mirror

Parrots Wall Mirror with two stunning parakeets cosying up on their perch.

When was the last time you saw a mirror quite like this? Lladró’s Parrots Wall Mirror, from the parrot Party Collection, features a round mirror with two glossy porcelain parakeets nestled together on a peep small hole in the corner of it. It’s as if they had just flown in and made a nice home out of your mirror. The plumage of the various species has been recreated down to the smallest details in the birds that seem to come to life, a piece that is both useful and beautiful, and ideal addition for an unexpected twist to your bathroom or room.

Horse on Pirouette and Courbette Bookends

We all have a memory as a child of being plopped into a carousel horse by our parents and being enamoured by the buzz in the air. Inspired by the glitz and style of vintage carousel horses, the Horse on Pirouette and Courbette Bookends are a unique way to add a sophisticated yet vintage feel to your bookshelf and capture the whimsy of childhood as well. With two varieties to choose from of white with pale pink accents or silver with glossy a glossy grey finish.

Horse on Courbette and Piroutte with Silver Lustre.

Cactus Diffusers

For the avid plant mum or dad who keeps killings their succulents, these diffusers are for you! Inspired by real cactus species, Opuntia, Ferocactus and Astrophytum, these are a perfect and quirky addition to one’s coffee table, bookshelf or even bathroom. Choose your own essential oil from among Lladró’s range of handcrafted scents to compliment. These diffusers add beautiful life to a space without the hassle of having to look after real plants and are a stunning alternative to fake flowers which let’s face it, just don’t match the real thing. Find the perfect scent for you.

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Astrophytum Cactus Diffuser and the Firefly Cactus Lamp in Green

Firefly Lamps

Sometimes in life, you are faced with the tough decision of choosing between a functional but normal light or a big beautiful sculpture to decorate your home, with Lladró’s collection of Firefly Portable Lamps the choice needn’t be so hard. In a multitude of colour combinations and shapes Lladró effortlessly marries function and sculpture in this collection inspired by the light emitted by fireflies on warm summer nights. This collection of cordless table lamps with a rechargeable USB system is designed with plant motifs that were modelled after palm trees, cacti, sunflowers or lotus flowers. Made entirely in glossy porcelain, and in many different colour variations.

Conversation Vases

From the brilliant and creative mind of celebrated designer, Jamie Hayon comes the Conversation Vases. Like all the pieces in Jaime Hayon's The Fantasy Collection, this creation arises from the fusion of a theme: love and the playful sense and fantasy Jamie Hayon brings to his designs. With elegance and a carefree attitude, love inspires this innovative vase in which the faces that decorate each of the faces have a mysterious conversation between them.

Read more about how to decorate your home using vases.

The Medium Conversation Vase Limited Edition

Family Mural Table Lamp

The Family Mural Table Lamp captures all the tenderness, intimacy and love of parenthood and the bond between parents and child. Appearing to be almost carved out of marble liked the sculptures of Michelangelo and Donatello, there’s is a certain warmth and organic feel to this lamp that is sure to soften any space. The serenity of this tender scene of parents and infant inspires calmness and tranquillity. A perfect decorative complement for all types of environments.

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An intimate yet functional piece in the Family Mural Table Lamp.
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