Casa Decor, a highly prestigious interior design event that takes place in Madrid, is a true spectacle. It is an event that demonstrates the sheer talent of a multitude of interior designers, each contributing something different to their spaces. This year, it is held again at a new location, the Palacio de La Trinidad, which preserves the stately charm of its time. With 46 blank canvases filled by leading-class interior design teams, the 59th Casa Decor will inspire and set the stage for the rest of the year. The Lladró team thoroughly enjoyed the exquisite showcase of this year's unique interior designs, which included some of their finest pieces. 


‘Entre dos aguas" (Between Two Waters)

Spanish Pure Breed Haute École Limited Edition (left), Dome Lamps (centre), Lover's Eye Vase (right)

The corridor and living room are designed to “listen to music, turn on creativity and stimulate imagination".The whole project shows the character of the raw materials, highlighting “the elegance of wood and the natural strength of marble.” There are small touches of copper and a mix of straight lines and semicircular shapes working in harmony.


Lanai Restaurant & Lifestyle

The interior design concept of the envisioned restaurant space embraces the essence of natural freshness and lanai inspiration, juxtaposed with the grandeur of palace rooms. Vibrant colours, exquisite craftsmanship, and functional elegance converge to create a space where visitors immerse themselves in trend-setting decor, art, and luxurious experiences, fostering relaxation and enjoyment. 

Ice Cream Lamps (left), Lladró  x Luca Nichetto Airbloom Table Lamp (right)

Sixty Pro

"Aurea Fabula"

Aurea Fabula embodies the fusion of classic and avant-garde styles, epitomising the reconciliation between design's magical and rational aspects. Inspired by the roaring 20s and the Trinity Palace's grandeur, it seamlessly integrates traditional elements like mouldings and tapestries with modern, large-scale components. This palatial kitchen transcends categorisations, offering a space where functionality meets beauty, inviting visitors to experience the harmony between two contrasting design worlds. Sixty Pro's marvellous design aimed to showcase and highlight the unity of diverse styles, rejecting the need for strict classification and instead celebrating the freedom of design expression.      

Awesome Insects Collection, Fierce Portraits Black and Gold Masks Collection, Eternal Fluidity Collection

Delamora Cocinas


The Guest Collection and Embraced by Jamie Hayon, Hedgehog Lamp
The interior design concept of this fantastical kitchen transcends traditional boundaries, ushering Alice into a realm where craftsmanship and technology meld seamlessly. Handcrafted backlit leathers and custom perforated sheets evoke the timeless beauty of natural stone, while ingenious integration conceals modern conveniences like induction hobs and motorized drawers. Beyond its culinary function, this space serves as a portal to an otherworldly experience, where textures and depths engage the senses in a dance of light and material. More than a kitchen, it embodies a harmonious fusion of artistry and innovation, inviting exploration and delighting the soul with its ethereal beauty.


"Life Project Madrid"

The brainchild of Virginia Albuja, this kitchen space promotes coexistence and facilitates organisation and efficiency. A relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere transforms the kitchen into a space to have fun and connect with others.

New Spring 2024 release (Origami) Lion Sculpture 

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